Monday, February 15, 2016

Gin & Cooper

Gin & Cooper - Book One

Chapter One - August 31st.

It was calm at Hampton Inlet when Sam Cooper dropped anchor from the bow of his thirty-eight foot sailboat. 

He had done it a thousand times, but this time a reflection in the water caught his eye and he stood still, staring into the water.  

Gin made her way forward wondering what was going on.

“Is there a problem, Cooper?” 

“Yeah, fear and death.”

“Is our first date that bad?” Gin said. 

“Good friends of mine went to the bottom.  I see their faces at times.”

Gin listened carefully.  

 “There's little help crossing an ocean,” Coop said.

“Cooper, we’re just testing things.”

“They were twenty-three, Gin.”

  “We’ll stay close to land—just a few strokes and we’ll be at a coffee shop.  You worried for me?”

   "...I can't do this to you."

    "Do what?"

   “The dangers never end, Gin.”

“You’re worried for me, right?  This a good spot for lunch—nice and sunny?”

“Perfect,” Coop said.

“Good.”   Gin stepped forward and shoved Coop over the rail.  

Coop hit hard, spearing into the water.  He disappeared.

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